10 Ways to Bring Valuable Visitors to Your Website

1.    Search Engine Optimisation

Of course, I couldn’t talk about targeted traffic without mentioning SEO. SEO allows you to reverse the equation. Instead of you going out and looking for traffic, the traffic comes to you! On top of this, they’re searching with keywords, meaning they’ll want to take action on whatever their keyword was. If they’re searching for product names, you can bet they’re seriously looking to buy.

2.    PPC Advertising

Another great way to get targeted traffic is to use PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements. This is a relatively risk-free form of advertising, as you only pay when someone clicks on your link. Does this mean everyone who clicks will buy your product? No, but it does mean the ratio of valuable visitors will be much higher than advertising that is less targeted.

On top of this, PPC has the potential to bring you traffic the first day you create your website. Instead of waiting around for SEO to work, you can have thousands of targeted visitors on the first day. Of course, if you choose this method, be prepared to pay for it! As a general rule, though, if you get the best web design, you’ll have a much higher chance of converting your PPC traffic into buyers.

3.    Local Advertising

When most people create websites, they focus solely on online advertising. Don’t make this mistake! Although its true online advertising allows you reach more people, local advertising allows you to reach people in your TOWN. This is extremely important, as if you can get the community involved; you can gain a loyal following much easier.

4.    Facebook

Facebook advertising can be tricky, but if done correctly, it can dramatically increase the value of your brand and the size of your community. Remember, people are not on Facebook because they want to buy. They’re on Facebook because they want to be entertained. In order to create a community, then, you have to focus on entertaining and providing value. With your advertisements, use funny pictures. On your landing page, provide an incentive for “liking” your page.

5.    YouTube

YouTube is, in our opinion, a relatively untapped location for extremely targeted traffic. The key is to find fellow video bloggers in your niche. If you can get them to review or promote your product to their audience, you’ll receive a massive amount of buyers and targeted traffic. Provide them with a free product as an incentive, for example, and they will usually be more than happy to promote it to their audience.

6.    Start a Blog

Almost all major websites have a blog now. This is no coincidence. A blog allows you to get personal with your visitors. It allows you to talk about the business side while also creating a community which actively participates in your blog. If you haven’t created a blog for your website, do this now!

7.    Targeted Promotions

Everyone loves free stuff. Everyone loves discounts. If you’re releasing a new product or would like more targeted traffic, figure out how to provide these types of things to your readers. If you do the right type of promotion, people will tell their friends about it. This creates a snowball effect leading to a HUGE amount of targeted traffic.

8.    Building Relationships with Other Website Owners

Don’t be an anti-social blogger. Give links to other blogs in your niche. Write guest posts. Comment on their blogs. If you’re actively participating in your niche, you will gain both authority and respect. On top of this, people will check out your website to see what it’s all about!

9.    Article Marketing

Although article marketing was recently hit hard by Google, it’s not dead yet. In fact, as long as you can provide value with your articles, it can be just as effective. Spam content is going to come back to haunt you. Write articles which help your readers and they will become actively involved with your website.

10.    Magazine Advertising

Lastly, magazine advertising is a great way to reach a very targeted audience. Find a magazine which allows ads for a relatively cheap price. Hire an excellent graphic designer and crank out an awesome advertisement!

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10 Ways to Bring Valuable Visitors to Your Website