Online Shop, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateways, Credit Card Payments Online

Grow your business by selling over the internet. Allow web visitors to peruse, learn and purchase online. Deploy a payment gateway to receive credit card payment automatically. Take control & update your products yourself. Turn your website traffic into profit by doing business online eCommerce solutions.

With the virtual economy rapidly growing many businesses are thriving online. Why not have your business join them.

Creator Web Design deploy a wide range of technologies to help our clients generate sales online. We provide powerful shopping cart solutions that integrate with our Content Management System (CMS). Numerous internet payment gateways may be incorporated to allow your business to receive credit card payments online.

Creator Web Design eCommerce Online Shop Features


  • Uniquely styled to your business branding
  • System completely customisable to suite your business processes
  • Allows add, delete, hide of products & prices via the internet
  • Take payment online or orders only

Products & Categories

  • Add as many Products and Categories as you want
  • Can also be used just as a catalogue (without cart features)
  • Unlimited Category/Subcategory depth, products can be assigned to multiple categories
  • Sort your Categories the way you like
  • Sell downloadable Products like MP3s, Templates, Videos or Software
  • Add a Thumbnail and a full size Image to every Product via your Browser
  • Add Attributes like Size or Colour to your Products to offer product variations
  • Use Product Discounts (percentage/total, time limited or not)
  • Show Details & images for every Item
  • CSV Upload (CSV Import & Export)
  • Manage the Stock Level for Products and Items
  • Automatically Notify Shoppers when a Product is back in Stock
  • Feature specific products by setting them “on special”

Shopper Groups / User Management

  • Add Shoppers and assign them to different shopper groups
  • Global Shopper Group Discounts
  • Multiple prices can be added to a Product, each for an own shopper group or a quantity range
  • Restrict “Display prices” to specific user groups
  • Access Management: assign users to user groups like “admin”, “storeadmin”, “shopper” or “demo” to allow the administration by other users

(assign products to vendors and allow those vendors to maintain only their products)

Easy Configuration / Customisation

  • Manage your shop through an easy and completely Joomla! integrated interface
  • A “Welcome Screen” shows your daily Shop Statistics: A Summary with “number of customers”, “number of orders”, “5 newest customers” and so on
  • Capable of Frontend Administration (without having to login into the Backend of Joomla/Mambo)
  • Global Price/Currency Display Formatting
  • Templates for Product Display Pages
  • Extend the Shop with other Modules and Functions
  • Manage different Currencies, Countries

Shipping Addresses / Rates

  • Shoppers can add individual Shipping Addresses
  • Fetch Shipping rates live from Intershipper, USPS, UPS, Canada Post, ...
  • Write your own Shipping Modules using the Shipping API

Tax Rates

  • Product prices can be displayed “including tax” or not (set for each shopper group)
  • Choose between Shipping-Address-based tax calculation (city/state & country/region)


  • Store-Owner-based tax calculation (e.g. in European countries)
  • Add your own shipping carriers and shipping rates


  • Use safe SSL encryption (128-bit) and Shared SSL
  • Capable of live credit card processing
  • Supports Many Internet Payment Providers

Order Management

  • Complete Order Management
  • Automatically notify your customers when the Order Status changes
  • See who has ordered: IP address storing
  • Extend the pre-defined order statuses with your own ones

Features for Customers

  • Let your customers easily search for products through a search form
  • Shoppers can see, in what time a product will usually ship, on product-details page (with nice images!)
  • Shoppers can manage their user accounts
  • Shopper can view all their orders (and order details)
  • A customisable Order Confirmation email sent to shopper and store owner