Search Engine Optimisation

Improve Your Google Rankings

Creator web Design has proven experience to help place sites in the world’s top performing search engines. We use a combination of legitimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors to ensure our customers are placed at the highest possible position for their site and product type!.
We have been able to place our customers in the top of their product or service fields in Google.

Google is “the” Internet search engine. More searches are performed on Google than double all the all the other search engines combined.

Your website will be judged in over 118 ways as to whether or not it should get the top spot in Google. There are no Short Cuts to Search Engine Optimisation any more. The only reality now is having a long term web marketing strategy and a commitment to building a site full of quality information.

Having said that, assuming that your site is one of the ones with the quality content, SEO still has its place.

Your website will need to be written in a certain way to allow the Google spiders to crawl your website. It's complicated but it relates to the separation of textual content from the style of the website and having your website connected together in a way so the spider can reach all of your relevant Content

All sorts of things will come into this such as ‘keyword density’ & content relevancy to ‘page title’. Basiclly you need lots of content.

Google values other websites approval of you above all else. Every website has a Google page ranking. If a website with a high Google page ranking links to you, that will helps to your ranking.

It is best to consider SEO right at the start of your web marketing plan and you should ask the following questions before you start:

  • What do I want to be found for?
  • What is your web site about?
  • Who will visit it?
  • What will they gain?
  • What will you gain?

Once you have clearly defined these things then you will be in a position to design & optimise your website for Search Engines, this can be the best form of advertising you will ever have.

With Creator Web Design, You will get the results you always wanted